The Division 2

The Division 2 PC Clan [KNG]

The Division 2 PC Clan

Looking for a The Division 2 PC Clan? KN has been growing at a very fast pace so we have decided to start recruiting for The Division 2.

We are mostly a PVE focused clan in most games, but don’t be alarmed we still participate in PVP events. While the original The Divsion was released some time ago, and is now riddled by hackers and cheaters. We are hoping that The Division 2 will be a great place to grow and start  a PC Clan.

You’ve came to the right place to join a PC Clan!

How to join The Division 2 PC Clan


Click Me!
Click me!
  • You must join our discord server –
  • Be 16 years of age
  • Being Friendly and overall active in the community you will reach a very high potential

If you are new to Discord don’t be discouraged! We have made it as simple as possible. Most discords require you to type in a command to join, ours no longer does! 

With a simple click of the Divison 2 Icon, you can get access to the Division Chats! Just don’t forget to click on the KN logo as well to join all of the general chats available! 


What are you waiting for?

Be sure to join all the games you would even think about playing we have people in them all willing and wanting to play with YOU!

You’ve made it this far, why not go ahead and join The Division 2 PC Clan? Maybe you are looking for all the other games we play?

If that is so you might as well go ahead and join up discord now because we play TONS.

Still looking for ALL the games we play?

Then click this button and I hope KN Gaming finds exactly what you are waiting for!


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