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The Rebranded KN Sportscast is Live!

If you haven’t noticed we are no longer the J and J Sports show. We have rebranded to a podcast and live show called the KN Sportscast complete with a new logo! I hope everyone enjoys however you listen to the new sports show.

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The First Sports Podcast

While I had many great topics, there was a lot of background noise going on that I couldn’t control. Due to that, I tried to edit it out and at very high volumes it will make me sound like a robot. I plan to have a much cleaner and better-sounding podcast in the future. If you like Kentucky Sports, part of the BIG BLUE NATION, UFC and NBA then you probably want to listen.

I’m no expert when it comes to sports I just enjoy talking about it.

One Shining Moment

After Villanova has won the official sports ball NCAA Championship in 2018, comes one of my favorite videos ever produced.

The one shining moment.

Hami’s dunk is in it and it is awesome.

Congrats to the Villanova Wildcats.

Kentucky Basketball

Reports are everywhere that Shai and Kevin Knox still don’t have a clue just yet what they are doing.

Will we get Knox Back?

Will we get Shai back?

At this point, no one really knows but its fun to speculate.

I really think Hami is going to come back and prove us and himself once an for all he is worthy of the NBA.

The recruits coming in look amazing, I know Puke University got the top of the top but who cares. Kentucky Basketball will be just fine.



I love MMA sports. Although it’s not really a team sport there is nothing else like it. Preparing months in advance to have one battle, and most the time it just falls through. Just like the Hollow and Khabib fight that isn’t going to happen now.

EDIT: Tony Ferguson got hurt not Max Hollow, Max Hollow is replacing Tony for what should be a great fight against Khabib

As the UFC scrambles around trying to fit someone in Holloways shows it just sucks. Everyone waits and waits… even the fighters to have a great fight and it doesn’t happen. This is a big downfall of the UFC and it bums everyone out.


The National Sports Ball league *cough* I mean Basketball League is at the end of the season with many teams still trying to clinch a playoff spot.

Rockets are the #1 seed overall followed by last years champions The Golden State Warriors.

Be sure to come back

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UPDATE 4/5/2018 and EDIT