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Interesting podcasts you should listen to.

Let’s make this scenario about interesting podcasts you should listen to.

It’s 2018, you are driving down the road in your hybrid and you have Bluetooth on your radio and you just can’t seem to find the right thing to listen too. You say to yourself the normal radio just doesn’t cut it anymore. Real radio just is filled with nothing but ads for 30 minutes that no one cares about.

I need something interesting to listen to, something that I can connect with the host like in no other way. You flip through your iTunes store on your iPhone XV and find out there are a million recommendations for podcasts.

Let’s face it iTunes is awful.

Come to find out whenever you were flipping through iTunes, it does the best it can, and its best isn’t very good. I’m a little biased though I hate anything Apple, there was a point in time where iTunes wasn’t that bad of a program, it just has progressively gotten worse over time.

The sad part about all of this is that iTunes holds 70% of the majority of how everyone listens to podcasts. So that why are making this post!

Here is my recommendation to interesting podcasts you should listen to.

Weird Appalachia Podcast

interesting podcasts you should listen to

The Eastern Kentucky girls from Weird Appalachia bring you a wacky and weird podcast for sure. While they focus on arts they bring you all kinds of stories.

Most art podcasts are extremely boring and “sophisticated” not this one, this one is just wacky and fun down to the core!

Host Erin Conley and Co-Host Jessica and Brook Mix very well and they just had their first Guest!

My favorite episode so far is the one where they all tell old folk tells or stories. I can’t wait to see how high these ladies can fly.

If you haven’t checked out The Art Bar in Magoffin County you should. This is also where the podcast is produced at!

Check out the latest episode even on Youtube!

You can find the podcast on iTunes.

Full Tech

interesting podcasts you should listen to

Ok so yea, this is my personal podcast. Whenever you make a blog you can put whatever you want on it too.

I try my best to produce an enjoyable and fun podcast about Technology and Gaming. I also throw information out there about the ever-growing KN gaming Community.

My favorite episodes and ones I’ve got feedback on are the Top 300 Games that game informer released.

With more Podcasts to come and some more Guests, I plan on having you should like share and follow this very moment!

Available on Youtube you can listen to episode 9,10, and 11 all in a row! I hope to be producing more podcasts to come! The latest episode was about Old school vs the New School gamer with a special guest you can check it out on iTunes right now!

KSR or Kentucky Sports Radio

interesting podcasts you should listen to

So while totally not a “podcast” and more of a radio show, it is pretty awesome that they release the full show on iTunes.

It’s also going to help if you are a Kentucky fan but that not all they do. They do all kinds of events talk about literally anything going on.

“Weather a Hotdog is a sandwich or is a taco”

Was a very interesting topic. I love this show and is one that inspired me to make a blog and a podcast in the first place. Such a great show, with a great host and cast to go along.

To be they aren’t nerdy enough to enjoy Star Wars and fix their nose whistles.

CU Podcast and Not So Common

interesting podcasts you should listen to

Pat Contri is somewhat of a dick and always seems pissed off. But for whatever reason, I really enjoy his podcasts. The CU Podcast is about retro gaming and gaming news alongside Co-Host Ian which seems to be the Ying to Pat’s Yang they go together quite well. I love hearing about Ian’s days at the game shop and some of the idiots that walk in there on a daily basis.

Trust me Ian I know your pain, I work in IT.

I really think Pat is a good guy, but man he literally just seems pissed off all the time, I’ve commented on things on twitter and he just responded pure hateful, and honestly almost made question why in the world am I even following this dude. Anyways I still enjoy the podcast none the less very knowledge whenever it comes to the NES console. Listen, Pat, I like ya I do, if you ever read this (he won’t) understand you are just a Dick for whatever reason. I guess that is why you refer to yourself as the “NESPunk”.

He even released a book which I have looked into getting it. I also figured all the information I would ever need about an NES game is already on the internet. It would, however, be a nice coffee table book I suppose.

Also releasing youtube videos from time to time containing the live video recording of the podcasts.

Pat also hosts another podcast Not So Common on which he interviews some Retro Youtubers and Streamers.

CU is not available on iTunes but over on Podbean.

HG101 Top Games

interesting podcasts you should listen to

Hardcore Gaming 101’s podcast about the Top Games is pretty awesome.

Although some episodes I’ve hardly even heard of the video game and usually don’t listen all the way through. But, whenever they hit the nostalgia button, they hit it and they hit it HARD.

These guys go really in-depth on each game they talk about. I’m pretty sure they must play the game before talking about it or something at least enough to be able to talk about it.

One of my favorite episodes was whenever they ranked and reviewed The Legend of Zelda A link to the past. (which is one of my favorite games of all time)

You can listen to them you guessed it… on iTunes

The Big Podcast with Shaq

interesting podcasts you should listen to

I’ve been a Shaq fan since I was a small fella. I gotta admit it is pretty awesome listen to the Big Diesel with an open mic talking about everything. He doesn’t just talk about sports he talks about all kind of stuff. While he is pretty busy doing the NBA commentary he gets to do a podcast I think at least twice a week sometimes a little longer.

He has a great crew surrounding him with very knowledgeable and very funny. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get to know Shaq a little better to pick up this podcast. It is 100% one of the most Interesting podcasts you should listen to.

You can find the Big Podcast W/ Shaq over on Podcastone

You’re Welcome!

This is for sure, 110% my favorite MMA podcast. I was literally talking to some friends one. I spoke up and said you know what I wish Chael Sonnen done a podcast he just has the ability. Sure enough, they responded HE DOES.

Chael Sonnen is hilarious and gives you tips on everyday life. He just knows how to talk and people love to listen.

I enjoy this much more than the Joe Rogan Podcast, Rogan’s podcast is ok he just seems to never stop cursing 24-7.

Start listening now to a real champion, talking about fighting as well as Bellator and UFC and lays it all out on the line.

I still wish ole Chael was still fighting more frequently in the UFC but he no longer does, he does still do the occasional fight on Bellator but its just good to hear him still rant on people.

Check it out over on PodcastOne

There you have it some of the most interesting podcasts you should listen to.

You don’t wade through all the crap that is available on iTunes, listen to these podcasts on your way to work at the gym the normal places to listen to podcasts. Sometimes I’ll set at my desk and listen to them as well but not as much as I do on the way to work.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed KN’s Interesting podcasts you should listen to.

Maybe you have an idea for a Podcast? Guess what here at we host podcasts and are a podcast network! Send over your ideas to and we can take a look at what you got!

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