KYNerd’s Top 10 Shows you need to binge watch!

  1. The Ranch

A show starring Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson formerly from That 70s Show. I kept putting this one off for a while whenever I saw it pop-up on Netflix, and I’m not really sure why. Man the setlist in this show is great, the comedy is like the most natural comedy I’ve ever seen, there are no filters because it’s a Netflix ORIGINAL. Netflix Originals are some of the best shows I’ve ever watched a few made this list. I’m a huge fan of sitcoms and this is the best one I’ve watched, it’s like watching an adult That 70’s show but with a lot more to it.Sam Elliot’s humor in the show as Beau Bennett is great I’m always looking forward to him telling colt or rooster how stupid they are.

  1. Lost

Lost is a great binge watcher, it leaves you hanging EVER, SINGLE EPISODE. Granted the Last season wasn’t the best, in my opinion, it’s still a superior show, you can watch it on Netflix as well. Excellent casting, some characters are iconic and have cameos in other shows.

  1. How I met your Mother

I don’t know what it is, but I love this show, I have it on my Plex library and I will shuffle it almost every night before bed. It’s great to binge watch too, as you are always wondering what the next step is for Ted and his love life. All the characters are really fun to watch in in their everyday lives in the big city known as New York.

  1. The Walking Dead

A show based on a comic book, guess where the author is from???? KENTUCKY. That’s Right Robert Kirkman who also works on the show, which is what actually got me into The Walking Dead, then I found out that it was a comic book I had to check it out. The TV is a great show, but the comic book is WAY better, at least in the more end of the great story, I’m sorry AMC is doing their best to pull off Negan, but with all the complaints lately cause of the violence of the start of Season 7… It’s basically killed the character. So enjoy the first 6 seasons at least, too bad Negan will never be Negan from the comics. Still a fantastic show.

  1. Eastbound and Down

Danny Mcbride as Kenny Powers is one of the best comedy shows I”ve ever seen. This loud mouth, unathletic, lunatic basically has the gift of a fastball and he knows it, becomes super famous at first and lets it get to his head. Loses it all hits rock bottom but turns it around and gets on top again. This is the best baseball story ever told! This is an HBO original so the only way to really stream it is with HBO GO, or HBO now.

  1. Chance

When I heard Hugh Laurie was playing a doctor again, and it was on Hulu. I instantly paid for a month of Hulu. I turned on this show, and I didn’t sleep for a whole day. It is dark comedy drama best I can describe it. It is fantastic, Dr. Chance might not be as cool as Dr. House be has a Co-Star Ethan Suplee he is AMAZING in this show. 2 great actors, get Hulu watch this you won’t regret it and be waiting patiently as the next season arrives like I am.

  1. House M.D.

This pill-popping medical genius is just a treat to watch. Hugh Laurie might be one of the best actors of this generation and needs recognized as such. Whenever House came on Netflix I binged watched it for days to catch up, from his hallucinations and Sherlock holmes like tactics this show is awesome. He makes fun of everyone, thinks everyone lies, and really plays by his own rules.

  1. Daredevil

I hated daredevil comics growing up, I hated the Daredevil movie that Ben Affleck starred in, I could’ve cared less whenever they announced that show would be coming to Netflix. Turns out that this really started the trend of Netflix Original shows and where I feel that really takes off. I decided to give it a chance.

MAN oh man, daredevil turned out to be a badass. I still can’t get over the fact that Foggy is played by the same guy that played Fulton reed in The Mighty Ducks, blows my mind, that kid was scary growing up watching those movies. Now he is a lawyer with long hair just odd to me, he does a great job, though. Season 2 of daredevil showcases one of my favorite marvel characters and now has a spin-off. The Punisher shows up to town in season 2 and does not disappoint. The actor that plays Shane in the walking dead shows up as the punisher and he pulls it off great. Netflix baby Netflix.

  1. Game of Thrones

I was hesitant to join the Game of Throne nerds forever, I kept trying to watch Season 1 which starts off super slow and doesn’t make any sense what so ever. This show though I’m glad I finally got into. It’s pretty low on the list because of all the nudity that goes on in the show. If I wanted to watch a porno I’d just throw one on. Anyways its got a great story, characters, dragons, wizards, witches, betrayal. It’s interesting to see how all this is going to end, once you are hooked you will not want to stop watching.
You will have to watch this on HBO Go or Now.

  1. The Office

I quickly fell in love with the office. Sure it’s based off the same show that started in England. The characters are all loveable, and sometimes really reminds you of an office if you have ever worked in one. Someone is always complaining, going to HR, loud, obvious, but real life isn’t as funny as this Mockumentary. After Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) leaves the show, though, the show really took a dive. It was still funny but the last few seasons aren’t as good as the first. Still great it’s great to binge watch it’s on Netflix and complete.

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  1. Lost is crap. Great show idea that got ruined by writers that just started winging it. Need to add supernatural, Son’s Of Anarchy and Luke Cage. Those and The Ranch are basically my all time favorites.

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