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Whats a Netflix

Latest Full Tech Podcast Released! Episode 16: Whats a Netflix?

Full Tech Episode 16: Whats a Netflix? Has been released!!!

The latest episode Whats a Netflix was recorded Thursday the 5th!

With new Co-Host Sgt. Risner we are leading the charge on many topics in the tech and gaming world!

Don’t forget this is always going to be a battle of the Old Vs. New generation!

Whats a Netflix? Topics:

Where to listen


Whats a Netflix

Really google is the only place you should listening too that or Stitcher!


Whats a Netflix

As much as I hate iTunes it is still the #1 place to listen to podcasts. So FULL TECH is on iTunes for that very reason.

Although on your iPhone now you can just install google podcasts! I highly recommend just getting an android but we will leave that up for discussions on the podcast!


Don’t want to use any of the above options you can always just listen to it directly from the page!

There is also the cool page where you can listen to all of them in a row if you would like!

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Whats a Netflix

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