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  1. The State of Destiny 2 and the Clan
  2. Zelda II
  3. Fortnite or PUBG and Aiming assistance
  4. Ngnix Server or Stream PC what is better?
  5. Nintendo Labo
  6. Windows 7 still dominating the OS Market share Windows 10 is at a crawl



The KN Podcast

KN Podcast

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The KN Podcast # 19
1.Trump is getting sued by 15 Kentuckians for not being able to see doctor
2.Top 10 foods growing up poor in Eastern Kentucky
3.Minimum Wage Issue
4.Everyone is making money or stocks are raising just because they put blockchain in their name
5.Google Engineer QUITS and says they are competitive focused and no longer care about innovation
6.Trump Taxes Solar Imports
7.Tax reform is putting more money in peoples(pockets) take home money, is this a bad thing?
8.U.S. to make streaming services pay more for music