Magoffin County DMV

Magoffin County DMV or… Lack there of

Looking for the Magoffin County DMV?

I have bad news for you. There is no Magoffin County DMV.

Since moving back to Salyersville, there is currently no where in Magoffin County to get your license updated.

Yes, you read that correctly.

You can no longer go to the Court House, or the County Clerks office and get your license.

I cannot begin to tell you how much this frustrates me. It makes no sense to me. Whose bright idea was this? Who all agreed to it?

Was there a vote or what? I have no idea…

You might still be able to register your vehicle at the county clerks office.

Magoffin County Driver’s License

Magoffin County Driver's License Kentucky Driver's License

So yes, you can still have Magoffin County Driver’s License… but you have to go all the to Floyd County Kentucky (Prestonsburg, KY) to do so.

Address – 149 S Central Ave #1, Prestonsburg, KY 41653

There you will need to bring a bill with your current name on it.

You may also call ahead and get some more information

Dial – 606-886-3816 You can ask them more question.

I’m guessing this also means that you cannot take your driver’s license test in Magoffin County no longer either, but you will have to head over to Prestonsburg to do so. Again, if you have more questions I’d call this number as I cannot find any more information on the matter.


It’s so strange to me that I and many Magoffin County residents can no longer update their license in the same county. Why has this all been pushed to Prestonsburg?

If anyone has the answer I’d like to hear it myself.

Returning to family, neighbors, and friends. It always frustrates me to think about Magoffin County and agree with them that there’s nothing here.

We can’t even update our license. There is no Hospital really close to A LOT of people. I don’t know about anyone who ever finds this post, but I’m ready for a change. Time to open up the Magoffin County DMV and at least a SMALL hospital.

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