My Thoughts on Black Ops IIII

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Thoughts on Black Ops IIII

The Black ops Series have always been a favorite of mine, future or past. This game is very different from any others that have released yet. It will NOT have a single player campaign, this is currently a very controversial topic. Some players like it others do not. My take on it is that they are going to focus more on the zombies’ campaign. This intrigues me and scares me.


The reason why it intrigues me is if it’s done right this could be revolutionary to the Call of Duty world. The way they go about it could make all the difference if they make the zombies a sort of campaign, instead of the usual survival that it’s always been. They could also just completely let this opportunity fall away and make a traditional zombies game. So this could be good or bad for the game/community.

Another very interesting thing with this game is it’s hopping on the battle royal bandwagon. This Black Ops will include a battle royal mode that will be a lot like PUBG however with exo suits. Which if they do not make the exo suits to overpowered or where you can just extremely high or stay in the air for an extended period. Depending on how large the map is this will make vehicles irrelevant.

Conclusion and overall thoughts on black ops IIII

All the Black Ops games have had an interesting story. Lots of new gameplay ideas and I’ve enjoyed most of them so far.

IIII is going to be a game-changing development for this game franchise, they could make the game alive again or kill it for good. IF they do zombies correct and the new battle royal mode correctly this will be one of the best games in the FPS world. You should totally join the KNG Clan whenever we launch a Clan for some great gaming action.


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