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The Rebranded KN Sportscast is Live!

If you haven’t noticed we are no longer the J and J Sports show. We have rebranded to a podcast and live show called the KN Sportscast complete with a new logo! I hope everyone enjoys however you listen to the new sports show.

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Kentucky Basketball, UK VS Vandy

Looking for a place to watch the Kentucky Basketball game?

Look no further than the Facebook page.

Be sure to like and share the page and share out the website!

Here at KN, we want all the cool things in Kentucky to be shared!

Even Kentucky Basketball which almost everyone in the...Read More »

J and J Sports Show RETURNED Today! Magoffin County VS. East Carter Pre-Game Show

Creator of and possibly the nerdiest person in the state of Kentucky.
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J and J Sports Show Today 8 P.M. April 29th 2017

The Sports Show begins at 8 P.M. EST

Join in and enjoy this evening sports show hosted by the Kentuckynerd and the Sportsnerd.

I hope everyone likes the new logo, I was going for a Jimmie Johns type logo because of the 2 Js.

Somehow it started forming some type of football so...Read More »

First KYnerd Sports Edition Podcast Tomorrow @ 7P.M.

Special guest tomorrow is no bigger Magoffin County Hornet Fan or mountain sports in general.

Johnivan Patrick!

He follows sports like its going out of style and it’s going to be a pleasure having him on the podcast tomorrow. We might record live video so someone can ask a question and we...Read More »

Where is the fight in this Kentucky Basketball 2017 team?

Kentucky Basketball is a way of life in the state of Kentucky.

I bleed blue, my friends bleed blue, we live Kentucky Basketball. Of course, we have some down years but where is the...Read More »

Kentucky Basketball - Kentucky Vs Alabama this game means something.

When I was young I was introduced to Kentucky Basketball at an early age.

To most people in Kentucky, Kentucky Basketball means everything. We don’t have pro sports, we have a few minor league teams around. This is one thing that I’ve always glad I’ve always gotten into. Most nerds like...Read More »

Magoffin County Football VS Allen Central 2003!!!

Whose ready for some sweet old school High School football action from the mountains!!!

This was class AA in 2003.

If you are curious as to who I am, I was #70 in this video and was a junior.



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Thanksgiving Extravaganza 2016


Thanksgiving is over!!! You know it’s something that you kind of look forward too, but then its kind not. Meeting up with family members you haven’t seen in months all getting together and stuffing your face, it’s a tradition america shares. I for one is glad is it gone and...Read More »

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