Gamer Spotlight: Not Fame, Just Notoriety


Emili Elfving is a female gamer that hails from Sweden, bearing a striking resemblance to Brigitte, who is a new playable character in Overwatch. Known best as PinkPsychoBunny or Bunny for short in the gaming community. A tattooed darling with an infectious laugh and friendly smile, you easily start to forget just how terrifying she can be playing as Reinhardt on the opposite team. It isn’t that she avoids the gamer girl label, she’d prefer to shatter that stereotype with her skills. Seeking notoriety as opposed to fame, basing who she is and what she wants to accomplish by talent and hard work.

Playing daily in the hopes of finding her way onto a professional Esports team, she seems content in putting in the long hours to achieving her goal and getting better each day. Accrediting a huge part of her life and success to her Final Boss Academy team as they’re consistent in coaching and helping develop her playstyle, making sure she participates in scrimmages with GM’s (Grand-Masters) daily. Noted to be a “Rein-God,” by her teammates at Final Boss Academy, her dream might just be within reach. Quick to explain that her first team who she owes the teachings of how to play as a team and tanking, is the Semi-pro all female Swedish team Contemno. With both teams helping to refine and mold her into a full skill-set player. While she is still just starting out, her goals are lofty and set on a day-to-day basis. Proper management, a better rig, and set-up, she only searches for things that might help her better the skill set she brings to the table.

“I wish I was doing this for equality, wait, no I don’t, I’m just a big nerd.”


When asked what her favorite league team is, she instantly laughs, it’s her indecisive nature that shines through, unable to simply choose just one, expressing an excitement for the Philadelphia Fusion, Soul Dynasty, and Boston Uprising. Openly talking about her earliest foray into games, being that of Mario Kart and while she wanted me to omit this from the article, her enjoyment at an early age for the Sims. It wasn’t until her introduction to Skyrim, that she started to get serious about gaming and the mod community. With an excited smile, she announces that she has easily put over a thousand or more hours into the game itself. Declaring herself a “proper-gamer,” for only the last two years with Overwatch, before that it was just casual gaming.


Life is not always so simple, one’s dreams and pursuits are never the ideas others might have had for them or see that they can accomplish. For all the positivity that Emili showed in the interview, she does not shy away from the harder questions when I ask them. Highlighting the feelings that her family have about her devoting so much time to video games. Issues of late nights and a belief that she is pursuing something frivolous. Her parents are divorced and while she had been living with her mother, moving to her father’s home, simply because he was more accepting of her new chosen path and lifestyle.

She candidly talks about her struggles with her mental health issues. From depression to eating disorders, challenges that she combats with her gaming, online friends and community. In a world where people believe video games and violence go hand in hand, this miraculous young lady uses it as a form of therapy and rehab to help her. She is quick to credit her classmates and friends who she met while attending school at Rymdgymnasiet, as those that introduced her to a plethora of games and things that she has since come to love.

From tabletop to card games these were her avenues that helped repair social awkwardness and create much needed social interactions she’d been missing out on. Gathering late in the evenings at school to host games of D&D and Magic: The Gathering, she talks about “those nerds,” with fondness and a sense of longing for days long past. Though even those thoughts and emotions are fleeting, hidden behind her strength and talent as she searches for something more. Having left school, she admits she tries to keep in contact with some of them as best she can, even though she is quick to poke fun at the nerdy and introverted nature of her former group.

“I can use my Swedish accent if you’d like?”

Emili tattoos for fun, with five of them adorning her body, one displayed across the top of her chest, done by an apprentice tattoo artist. A bird in a cage in the middle with another bird on a vine sitting outside looking in. Describing it as her personal cage of depression, with others looking from the outside in and wonder why she can’t seem to escape it. She shows a great love for her two dogs, with only one of them coming in for a bit of camera time. A vegetarian whose favorite foods are veggie tacos and lasagna. When it comes to family, she’d love to have one and quickly admits that she’d want to do that in Sweden, when the time came for it, if it came at all that is. Adamant about owning chickens and chicks, so that she could teach them tricks.


Emili leaves you with a smile, as her Swedish accent lingers in your thoughts, leaving you with a lasting impression. If given the chance, she’ll turn her desire into reality, all she needs is a place to showcase her talent and tenacity. In the ultra-competitive world of gaming, with new competitions and leagues opening every year. I’d proudly endorse this young lady as a current and future face of where gaming should be headed. Escaping the traps of searching for fame, more concerned with the skill behind her shield and hammer. If you’re a pro-team or any team, Emili is just hungry enough that you should consider adding her to your roster. So, watch out Overwatch League, she’s gunning for you, one hammer-down at a time.