Official Kentucky Nerd Giveaway Post! Win a Raspberry Pi 2!!! Fully equipped with Retropie! Contest Will End March 18 2017!!!


Official Kentucky Nerd Giveaway!!!!!!! WIN A RASPBERRY PI 2!!!!



  1. REGISTER ON THE WEBSITE! – HERE or you can use the bottom right Kentucky Nerd Login!
  4. THATS IT!!! I will cross check to make sure each entry is valid!

Live giveaway will be streamed on Facebook and YOUTUBE March 18, 2017, at 1:00 P.M.!

I also ask one last thing. Is please like and share my page!!

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The Giveaway prize!

It is a RetroPi 2. It will come pre-installed with emulation station on it, a USB SNES controller, HDMI cables, a raspberry pi 2 CASE, and last but not least a power source!


What does this mean and why would you even want this!?  This is a super powerful microcomputer but it will come emulation station installed you can literally pack this thing anywhere load it up and play your favorite NES games on just about anything. It is way more powerful than the NES mini as you can add ROMs and emulators later however you want, as it comes with an 8GB SD Card! You can do whatever you want with it whenever it is yours!


Check out the emulation station here! Think of it as an NES Mini Classic but MORE POWERFUL.

Why are we doing a giveaway!?

We want to drive traffic to the website, we want to start a community! This giveaway will be great!

We will this is one of the best ways to get noticed. I doubt this will be the only Giveaway we will ever do so join now!

Sign up! Follow me! Get the word out!

So join up so I can start a newsletter! I want to do more podcasts, I want to do more live streaming, but I do want people listening and watching and helping me continue to do so!

We are all nerds at heart! Sports nerds, Computer nerds, Political nerds! Let’s join forces and make this a great community. I know someone out there would love this fantastic prize/giveaway.

Giveaway! Free!

What else do you gotta hear! Like I said, Join the Website, Post, and Comment on this POST! That is the only way you can win! I will not ship internationally! If you are from any surrounding counties I will bring it to you! If you are in another state I will ship it free as long as it’s not something outrageous! I will be doing a Livestream of the capabilities of the Retropie system! It will be cool come join! After a suitable amount of time and users have joined and commented we will do a live drawing! The live drawing will be on March 18, 2017, Saturday!

You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook @realkynerd

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Creator of and possibly the nerdiest person in the state of Kentucky.
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Creator of and possibly the nerdiest person in the state of Kentucky.

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  • Isaac Risner

    How does one join the giveaway

  • Count me in big guy.

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  • SuperMagicom

    I love me a RetroPie with extra whip!

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  • KYNerd

    Everyone remember to like and share!!!! The only way I can ever do another giveaway is if the site becomes more popular!!!!

  • Drazilice1

    Newly registered and followed on twitter. Wish everyone luck on the giveaway thanks for the opportunity!

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    Hello I’m here for the milk and pie.

  • I am excited about the pi2 good luck everyone!

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    Gonna be so fluckin cool when I win this thing. I’ve dreamed about it non stop. Sure would hate to lose this contest……lose a friend…..

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    I have always wanted one of these!! Hope I am the winner!

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    It would be awesome to get a Pi 2. Fingers crossed.

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    I would love to win this. A Raspberry Pi 2 would be great to have for my son and I to use and play around with, especially as a RetroPi with games that I played many years ago and spent tons of quarters on.

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    Also, happy pi day.

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    Looking forward to wearing out all the old SNES games on my new pi!

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    Really awesome blog you have here! Can’t wait to see what other things you’ll be posting!

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