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KN Sportscast Sports and More!

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The Rebranded KN Sportscast is Live! If you haven’t noticed we are no longer the J and J Sports show. We have rebranded to a podcast and live show called the KN Sportscast complete with a new logo! I hope everyone enjoys however you listen to the new sports show. Podcast Links We officially got accepted to all the major …

Reddit and Deadpool!

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Sub-reddit I would like to introduce everyone to the latest way to find all the podcasts and podcast links! Going forward I will update all the links to our specific subreddit! Now the whole world wide web can find it and submit links comment or whatever and hopefully bring them to the website! I’m a huge fan of Reddit and …


Fortnite is taking over the world

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The Fortnite World is Taking over our World. It is truly incredible what is happening in the fortnite world. You got top streamers playing with celebrities for christ’s sake!  The KN Full Tech Podcast I’ve started talking about fortnite on a regular basis now on the “Full Tech” podcast. You can check out the latest episode on everything iTunes, Google Play, …


Hellbound Survival Review – (Closed Beta Review)

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Hellbound: Survival Mode(Closed Beta) Release Date Feb 22, 2018, Developer Saibot Studios, Publisher Saibot Studios   Sound Hellbound For an indie game, the Metal soundtrack is pretty great. It does get repetitive over time, and just switch onto your favorite metal album after checking it out first though, it is worth it checking out. Music 8/10   Graphics Tested this on a …

KNG – Kentucky Gaming is Recruiting, find friendly people today!

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Kentucky Gaming If you are a gamer in the great state of Kentucky, that loves Kentucky and Gaming… Then you have found the right place to be for Kentucky gaming. We have started up the official Clan called *KNG* across multiple games as of right now. Or, Kentucky Nerd Gaming. How to join? Simple hit us up on discord! Little …

What is

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What is *Update* Kentuckynerd  or KN is officially now a Podcasting Network. Along side reviews of tech, video games, and streaming. KN strives to be a family-friendly community. We know most of us are adults so adult language is allowed on our video game streams and Voice Chat. However, when we are doing the official Podcast adult language may …

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Review

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Introduction Shadow of War wasn’t a game that was brought to my attention very easily as I’m not a huge fan of the Middle Earth series. The only reason I purchased the game was the promise of the Nemesis system. The Nemesis system fills the game with procedurally generated enemies each with their own characteristics, features, abilities, and ranks. The …


SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics

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SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics Released June 1st, 2010 published by Sega and Developed by D3T Limited. Product Description “Re-live old memories and create some new ones in this comprehensive collection of classic titles from the golden era of the SEGA Mega Drive & SEGA Genesis.” Sound The emulated sound is pretty good. Other than that if you didn’t …



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PUBG or Fortnite Which game is better PUBG or Fortnite? Let me start off by saying that I think both games have their strong suits are both are worth anyone’s time if they are willings to put forth the effort. The HYPE What even are these games? Why are they so popular all of a sudden. To basically sum it up …


ShellShock Live Review

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ShellShock Live is fantastic fun with a group of friends and online. The Community doesn’t seem too toxic as of yet, lots of failure shots lead to people just rage-quitting. If I could give some tips, it would be to actually play the full tutorial. I started and played very few tutorials before jumping into matches with my friends. Luckily …