KentuckNerd.com News and Updates 11/28/2017

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Updates We will be migrating to a new host! – This will allow for secure connections and hopefully gain more traffic to the website! The KN Podcast will be put on hold until January 2018. We need to work on a few things to keep it rolling. Such as finding more of a niche, we are sticking to politics and technology, …

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – My Review

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Welcome to Gerowen’s Wolfenstein II PC Review. Gerowen has been a long time gamer and has great technical and computer skills I’ve known Gerowen for a long time and I trust anything technical and gaming wise he has to say. I hope that you enjoy this review! Intro “Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus”, is a direct sequel to “Wolfenstein: The …

I Know We’re Kin, But… / Americas New Found Selfishness

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The Economic Fear Gripping America People Will Surprise You The other day, as I was walking through my parent’s house, I happened to overhear a conversation my Mother was having with my Great Aunt. I didn’t intend to eavesdrop. However, I found myself intrigued by their topic of discussion. My Mother told my aunt, “You know, people that you never thought …

Kefka Final Fantasy eviler than Sephiroth?

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Who is the more evil Antagonist Kefa Final Fantasy VI or Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII? Is Kefka Final Fantasy VI more evil than Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII? These are two brilliant and fantastic games, with extremely in-depth stories. I grew up playing both. I’ll go ahead and be honest I believe Final Fantasy VI (III SNES) is the better game. I …


Kentuckynerd’s Top 5 Astonishing Games Released in 1998

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1998 Top 5 Astonishing Games 1998, what a wonderful year of games. The PlayStation 1, the N64,  and the almighty and the MASTERRACE of gaming.. the PC. I was lucky enough to have gotten my first computer around this time. Even though it didn’t have a sweet “3D Accelerator” card better known as a Video Card or GPU(Graphics Processor Unit) beside …


PCMASTERRACE – Don’t forget your FREE game!!

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FREE If you are a PC gamer and don’t know about Steam and Humble Bundle where have you been? Get your free game today before it is too late! Follow this link – https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dungeons-2 Dungeons 2 This awesome free game from Humble Bundle looks pretty fun. I’ve already gotten my key as well as many other awesome keys from humble bundle! …

J and J Sports Show Today 8 P.M. April 29th 2017

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The Sports Show begins at 8 P.M. EST Join in and enjoy this evening sports show hosted by the Kentuckynerd and the Sportsnerd. I hope everyone likes the new logo, I was going for a Jimmie Johns type logo because of the 2 Js. Somehow it started forming some type of football so I just went with it. Anyways I’m …