Full Tech #17 – That’ll be about $3.50, uh I mean $255

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Full Tech #17 – That’ll be about $3.50, uh I mean $255
Full Tech

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Full Tech #17 – That’ll be about $3.50, uh I mean $255

Smango, KYNerd, Bigjohn whatever you might want to call him from Kentuckynerd.com the founder and host of the Full Tech podcast brings you a new an exciting Full Tech Podcast this week.

Raised from the creeks of Eastern Kentucky in the swamp and mudlands of Magoffin County this individualĀ brings you the latest insights from gaming and tech.


  • FCC Wanted to make people pay $255 for them to review your complaint then quickly dropped its proposal
  • Overwatch Gets a Deal with Disney and ESPN
  • The Rise of Spoofing Phone Numbers

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