Full Tech Episode: 19 – Nintendo Loves Roms and Denuvo I hardly knew her

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Full Tech Episode: 19 – Nintendo Loves Roms and Denuvo I hardly knew her
Full Tech

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Full Tech Episode: 19

Raised from the creeks of Eastern Kentucky in the swamp and mudlands of Magoffin County. These individuals bring you the latest insights from gaming and tech.

Host Smango and Co-Host Sgt. Risner from Kentuckynerd.com


  • Denuvo DRM
  • Nintendo Taking down Rom Sites and Protection
  • People are returning Apple Macbook Pros and Also putting them into the freezer
  • Old Vs. New Segment – How we use to watch TV and how it’s changed 
  • KNG Events – Quake, Destiny 2, Overwatch

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Bad Jokes Written


Denuvo DRM is like the kid that gets on the school bus that no one wants to sits next to because they smell funny and take up over half of the set bus with 15 books and all introduction to algebra.


Trying to keep Denuvo happy is as easy as trying to ask a woman where she wants to eat at. It’s never a simple answer and you’ll always just ending up eating at mcdonalds with a $1 mcflurry that you didn’t want. Want your frames to not drop while playing Sonic Mania to bad here’s your small order of french fries! Cringe


Nintendo Roms


Trying to play Super Mario Bros in 2018 without giving Nintendo 59.99 for a device THAT YOU CAN’T FIND IN  A STORE, because they don’t make enough is like trying to find a hot female in a comic book store that doesn’t have 19 piercing and 25 tattoos and wanting to slit your throat in the middle of the night.


You wonder why people just collect OLD electronics and Consoles. They don’t gotta deal with tampering with there stuff anymore like DRM and Nintendo now, now you just gotta deal with all the meth heads that decided to keep their Super Mario World complete in box for some reason sittin on their shelf with a weird smell of incense.


Macbook Pro


Next time you go to the freezer to get your ice cubes for your mountain holler or warming up one of those hot pockets be sure to take your mac probook with you so you can unleash the true awesome power of a $2,800 machine all nice and freezer fresh.


Macbook pro what a steal of a deal let me tell ya, $2,800 and you can store it alongside your favorite frozen juice drinks and pillsbury honey grandma biscuits.


Lock up ya, children, lock up ya wifes, lock up ya Nintendo ROMz! NINTENDOS COMING FOR YA

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