Overworked Gaming Developers

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Overworked Gaming Developers
Full Tech

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Overworked Gaming Developers – Full Tech Episode 49

With online gaming and the latest and best games always needed updated. It turns out that Gaming Developers are WORKED to almost literally death. After reading about how some developers would only get a day off for “Good Behaviour.”

I’m not surprised that developers are overworked since games are required more and more to release an update. So long the great single player games whenever you got battle royales like Fortnite… Talk about Overworked Gaming Developers.

Also discussing Security and how people are cracking/getting around  I Cloud on iphones. Social Engineering at its best I might add. Apparently people are tricking the so called “geniuses”  at all of the Sheepales favorite Apple Stores.

I hope you guys are enjoying the show as much as I am making it. I’ve decided to try to get a YouTube Channel going while I record so there will be video. Be sure to subscribe down below!

Full Tech Should be live on Saturdays! Check back for a new episode then!

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  • Overworked Developers
  • Games Are Always Updating
  • How people are getting around Icloud and stealing people’s phones.

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