Podcasts on Android

How to get podcasts on android completely free!

So you want to listen to podcasts on android? While it might not be as simple as iTunes (sad to say this but its the biggest Podcast Directory) it’s still not difficult to do.

Honestly, a lot of the other Podcast Directories built specifically for Android Tablets and Devices. They pull directly from iTunes Feeds.

But I’m always want something a bit more manually and customizable.

While I love android phones way more than an iPhone. It can be quite difficult to get all the podcasts you want into one place.

Google music is a great place to find music, but it’s not that great for Podcasts. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who uses google music or “google podcasts” to listen to podcasts.

There are tons of 3rd party apps on the store that you could use, what we are going to focus on is Podcast Addict. I’ve been using Podcast Addict for a long time.

I’ve reported several bugs and sometimes it does want to eat up a ton of battery unless you close it completely out. You might enjoy this application as much as I do if you want to customize and literally have any feed you want.

Add any Podcast to your Android Device

I’m a huge KSR listener and even though Kentucky Sports Radio has released an app directly for there website and podcasts. I still choose to listen to all my podcasts in one place.

Down below you can follow these easy to do instructions below I’ll even eventually add some photos of these steps.

Step 1. Install Podcast Addict

Step 2. Closeout Podcast Addict Search for iTunes KSR Podcast Feed, Using Chrome or a Browser

KSR ITunes Feed

Step 3. Get the RSS Feed from iTunes or wherever the podcast is hosted.

Step 4. Click The Plus Sign in Podcast Addict 

Podcast Add Android

Step 5. Paste the Feed and hit Submit! This should add the Podcasts!

Step 6. Do this for all the other podcast you want to listen too!

Getting podcasts on android phones and tablets couldn’t be made much easier for Android now.
If you want to copy some feeds I’ll link the ones I use all the time here. Just copy and paste the feed and add them!

Remember it doesn’t even have to be iTune feeds. You can use any Podcast RSS feed and add them to your device now.

How to video might be better

Reading not your thing want to see how to do it by watching a video? You can check out my youtube channel and video here. It will show you how to install ANY Podcast Feed you want from Itunes straight to your Android Device!

Add all the podcasts you want!

Grab those RSS feeds and going on a podcast listening spree! You can get podcasts for android phones, android tablets, android anything now by doing these steps.

Maybe you want some suggestions for podcasts? Then you should check some of these interesting podcasts I’ve linked below in an article.

We have you covered for some of the most interesting podcasts you should listen to! This should keep you entertained for quite some time.

How to rate podcasts on android?

Rate a Podcast

Using the Podcast Addict app on your phone or tablet. You can give any of the Podcast episodes a rating.

Unforuatnetly it looks like Podcast Addict pulls reviews and comments from iTunes.  This is kind of a bummer.

PTI Podcast Reviews

If the Podcast you are wanting to listen has the biggest following on iTunes. Then you most likely will have to install iTunes on something to rate and review it :(.

However, if the podcast isn’t on iTunes you would have to figure out where it is hosted at to possible rate it. Places like Podbean and Speaker are other well-known Podcast directories and hosts.

iTunes doesn’t really “host” podcasts it really is just a place that gathers submitted RSS feeds.

Downloading Podcasts on Android

Using Podcast Addict you can download all the episodes you want. You can have it automatically download if there is a new episode if you want. I prefer to download each episode I would want to listen to instead.

You can sort by downloaded episode in the top left column if you want and it usually sorts it by date. So if you are in the car without internet access down worry as long as you have your episode downloaded you will be able to experience the podcast from anywhere!

This is very handy for me as I actually don’t have data on my phone(Nexus 6P for those wondering). I’ll start up my day refresh all my podcasts. Podcast Addict lets you know how many new episodes there are. Then you can simply check to see which ones have released. For the most part KSR has 2 episodes during the week. I download my episode and head out for my day.

So much easier driving down the road to go to work with some good ole sports chat coming out of the speaker amirite?


I hope this helps someone out there having issues with listening to Podcasts on Android. I know whenever I first started getting into podcasts I always thought I was pretty much left out in the dark. I had no idea what a podcast really even was. For the longest time I thought that Podcasts or Listening to podcasts was something iPod owners did.

Turns out I was completely wrong for a VERY long time. I’ve missed out on so many great podcasts throughout the years simply not knowing what they really were. Since I’m an Android user I had to figure out the best and easiest way to collective get my favorite podcasts into one. The answer turned out to be my favorite Podcast listening app Podcast Addict.

Give it an install on your tablet or phone. I don’t think you will be disappointed in it. The ADs aren’t intrusive and whenever you don’t have data. It still works just fine.

Be sure to find your favorite ESPN podcast, Gaming Podcast, and News Podcast feeds and add them so you can finally listen to them on your Android device today!

You can always add me on twitter – @realkynerd.