PUBG or Fortnite

Which game is better PUBG or Fortnite?

Let me start off by saying that I think both games have their strong suits are both are worth anyone’s time if they are willings to put forth the effort.


What even are these games? Why are they so popular all of a sudden.

To basically sum it up PUBG(PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds) and Fortnite’s Battle Royal. 100 players start off on an island loading the game almost like a starting screen.

The players are then put onto a flying Bus(Fortnite) or Airplane(PUBG) having to parachute down. After parachuting down your goal real quick is to get to cover and get a gun.

You must protect yourself from here on out, you are on your own on an island with 99 other enemies (yes there are multiplayer variations.)

Of course, this isn’t the only element of danger on the map. Both games have a “Storm” that comes in closer every few minutes shrinking the safe area or the “Circle”.

The similarities pretty much end there. So PUBG or Fortnite?

The Differences

PUBG or Fortnite

PUBG – You can modify your guns, and character on the fly. You can crouch, lay down on the ground and has a more realistic feel. You also get to drive vehicles.  Has a more realistic and serious feeling too it. Poor optimization.

PUBG or Fortnite

Fortnite – There is no customization of your character or the guns, ALTHOUGH the guns, do have different levels/quality Normal, Rare, Epic… ETC. There is also the building mechanic, which allows you to build forts, walls, steps. Fornite also has a PVE game which you can purchase but is going Free to play soon as well. Fortnite Battle Royal is free on everything. Not too serious has a more FUN feel to it. Runs smooth as silk with the Unreal Engine.


Conclusion PUBG or Fortnite?

While I enjoy both games. I give the edge to Fortnite, battle royale is completely FREE to play. Not only is it FREE it is a great game, that requires you to never spend a penny to WIN games and get the most out of it. Of course, it has cosmetic items you can purchase. PUBG was in early access for the longest time, with the release on the XBOX One they have attempted to fix the optimization problems. I think it still runs poorly, but it has improved. While it isn’t the price tag of an AAA title, PUBG costs 29.99 to pick up. Is it worth it? Of course but if you are strapped for cash you have a completely viable option in Fortnite which is completely free to play!

I love the building aspect and the “fun” Fortnite brings to the table, PUBG is straight up serious all the time and when I’m gaming also I like to choose fun. For the serious gamer and you want to show off your skills PUBG is your option. If you wanting to have fun and still show off skills Fortnite is for you.

I hope this review helps someone out there.