Realm Royale Review [EARLY ACCESS ALPHA]

Realm Royale

Realm Royale Review

Realm Royale Review

DEVELOPER: Hi-Rez Studios
PUBLISHER: Hi-Rez Studios
RELEASE DATE: Jun 5, 2018
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Realm Royale’s music and sound all sound fantastic. Realm Royale is based on what seems to be in pre-modern times and all the sounds are fitting to its time period.

Nothing sounds out of place, the airplane that drops you off isn’t ultra loud like in other “battle royale” game’s LOOKING AT YOU PUBG.

The music sounds fantasy like and 100% fits the overall gameplay.



Realm Royale Review

The overall graphics in Realm Royale are good. It has a nice cartoony look which is very similar to what Fortnite looks like.

I do feel like it could use some extra AAA standard polish such as the feeling you get whenever you play a Blizzard game. I’m not sure if Hi-Rez studios can pull that off but overall the graphics look good enough for an Alpha release.


Battle Royal games are popping up left and right if you haven’t played any of them yet I’ll explain.

Realm Royale throws you into an Island with 100 people. Your job is to survive until the end! Pick up armor, weapons, potions etc.. if you joined a team you must use all of this to make it to the end.

That’s not all, you have a fog that creeps in the longer the game goes on shrinking the circle to which players must go. If they get stuck in the fog/storm they take damage and it does increase over time.

Really the only difference that Realm Royale brings to the table is Player Abilities and Classes.

Realm Royale Review


If you are looking a class-based battle royale game then Realm Royale is for you. Add this game to your steam library it is free but also in Alpha right now.

I feel like this game can go nowhere else but up as I’ve had fun with it and it is still in ALPHA. It has already surpassed PUBG in my book and is trailing right behind the mega-hit fortnite.



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