Reddit and Deadpool!


I would like to introduce everyone to the latest way to find all the podcasts and podcast links!

Going forward I will update all the links to our specific subreddit!

Now the whole world wide web can find it and submit links comment or whatever and hopefully bring them to the website!

I’m a huge fan of Reddit and browse is almost daily looking for information about games, tech, and system administration.


I really enjoy doing the solo podcast and hopefully, I can keep up the pace and bring out one every single week. It is a lot of work hoping someone will take notice!

April is the deadline for bringing back the LIVE KN Podcast or the official Podcast so look for that! Should be exciting, remember to watch and listen live on Facebook

Deadpool 2 Trailer

Man the trailer looks hilarious and I cannot wait to go and see this. I’m a big Deadpool fan and can hardly control myself wanting to go see this ASAP!