[KNG] Smango

Smango the founder of is an online video game streamer and podcaster. Streaming under the name of Kentuckynerd and is the face of the website. Always out recruiting more players for the community that he desires to build.


Name and Details

Name: Johnathan Howard

Age: 31

From: Magoffin County Kentucky or Salyersville

Favorite Game: Final Fantasy IV or VI According to the day and time.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Hobbies: Weightlifting, Computers, Gaming, Spending time with family, Fishing, Card Games and Sports.

Occupation: Information Technology

Other Alias: Smango, Realkynerd, KYnerd, and even Kentuckynerd on streaming platforms.

Goals: Johnathan Howard is currently working toward getting his certification in Cisco and growing the KN community.

Interesting things someone might not know about Johnathan Howard but wanna know.

  1. Broke hand playing football in high school. Still, to this day there is a Metal Plate inside his hand.
  2. Ran a tough mudder back in 2012 before his son was born.
  3. Grew up on a Farm with Cows, and sometimes horses. Lived with Single parent his mother since 1st grade or 2nd grade and stayed pretty poor.
  4. Started Kentuckynerd as just a personal blog on google sites at first, and has grown to what it is today a podcast and gaming community.
  5. Likes wearing hats on stream.

Where to find Johnathan Howard streaming



Stream Times – 2:30 A.M. EST till 5 A.M. est Sun-Tues

Games – Fortnite and PUBG


Stream Time – 10 P.M. EST Till 3-4 A.M. FRAG FRIDAYS

Games – Quake Champions


Stream Time – Random stream times.

Games – Paladins

How to reach Johnathan Howard

Reach him on twitter @realkynerd or you can always email him regarding the website or advertisements

Be sure to follow on Twitter it is always up and read daily, also the Kentuckynerdgaming facebook page would be a good place also.

Also available on Discord most if not all the time.