Apollo 13

Apollo 13 and The Amazing Computers NASA Used.

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Apollo 13 happened April 11th, 1970. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 37 years ago since Apollo 13. I wasn’t even a thought in anyone’sĀ head! I love old technology, and the technology NASA had back in the 1970s isn’t something that a normal person got to use. Personal computers didn’t really even become affordable until the 1980s!!! Apollo 13 …

Linux is powerful and worth more than just a download in 2017

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I’ve always been supportiveĀ of Linux for many years. Linux has never really replaced my true main operating system though, which is Windows and mostly because of gaming. Linux gives you more freedom. More than any operating system available, and yes even more than MAC OSX which probably gives you the less. Mac OSX is like the rich families disowned child …