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Millennial Gamers Will They Appreciate games like Gen X?

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Now being technically in the “Millennials Gamers” category being born in 1986 I’m a huge retro gamer and collector. I’ve always thought I’m somewhere right in between a Generation X (the tail end) and the very beginnings of a Millennial. What I believe that this means is that I really do appreciate almost anything in the 80s including music and …

Exclusive Gaming

Exclusive Gaming

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Exclusive Gaming
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Exclusive Gaming – Full Tech Podcast Episode 33 Why can’t gamers just get one central thing to play games on? We talk about all the exclusives in the world. With Steam, UPlay, EA Origin, even with Epic Launcher jumping into the Mix. It’s time we take a look an in-depth look at Consoles and all the Exclusive Gaming that PC now …

Top 10 Reasons you should stop Console Gaming and Start PC Gaming.

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10. Power – If you are a 90s kid you remember the old ads of Genesis does what nintendon’t cause of its “Blast Processing”. In case you didn’t know that was just a marketing ploy, but today a PC packs away bigger punch than a console ever would. They promise 4k gaming for a $300 console. That’s not happening, I …