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xKNGx is on the search for new and veteran players! You’ve come across a Dauntless Guild Recruitment post! xKNGx has been playing since beta and we continue to grow. If you are looking for a friendly guild to join then you’ve come to the right place. If you do join you will become part of our Gaming Community which is known …

Full Tech Episode 14: Old vs the New

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Full Tech Episode 14: Old vs the New
Full Tech

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Full Tech Episode 14: Old Vs the New The Full Tech podcast gets a special guest Sgt. Risner part of the KN Gaming Clan. With 2 generations of consoles and many technological advances made within those years, it’s time we go Oldschool Vs. New School. Basically Old School gamer vs. Modern and New. Your Favorite Game of All Time Dauntless …