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KYNerd’s Top 5 Reasons the 90s was awesome.

The 90s Ahhhhh the 90s I usually stay away from Buzzfeed as much as possible but whenever I see the 90s pop up anywhere I can’t help but click on it. Click here for some awesome 90s photos. With that said it’s time for a TOP 5 LIST!!!!!!!! 1. Consoles It’s well known that I’m

It’s Official, its the Death of the Wii U

Death of the Wii U As I started hearing about the Death of the Wii U, I stumbled upon an article today that said Nintendo has let the signal go that the…Wii U is officially dead!! This means that The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild will be the final game coming out for the system.

KYNerd’s Top 10 Shows you need to binge watch!

The Ranch A show starring Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson formerly from That 70s Show. I kept putting this one off for a while whenever I saw it pop-up on Netflix, and I’m not really sure why. Man the setlist in this show is great, the comedy is like the most natural comedy I’ve ever