Remembering Halo

Full Tech Episode 31: Remembering Halo

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Full Tech Episode 31: Remembering Halo
Full Tech

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Full Tech Episode 31: Remembering Halo Raised from the creeks of Eastern Kentucky From Magoffin County Kentucky! Listen to the redneck hi-tech podcast full of technology and gaming. Do you remember Halo Combat Evolved? The Full Tech Podcast sure DOES! Listen to this Special Thanksgiving 2018 Podcast! Solo Podcast this week! Topics: HALO Halo 2 PC First Person Shooters Microsoft Xbox Console …

What we know about the newest halo game, Halo:INFINITE

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The Newest Halo Game, Halo:Infinite This E3 was exciting introducing the newest halo game! The most intriguing to me personally was the new “Slipspace” engine that 343 brought us. This halo game wasn’t a game yet, we do know about the plot and style, however. This installment of the Halo series has received a ton of hype already, the game has …