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Creepypasta Ahhh, the creepypasta. Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Candle Cove … these stories are as varied as they are*ahem* creepy. I’ve spent countless hours scrolling and reading these modern-day campfire scary stories trying to find the most shocking of the shocking.  Finding out that there was actually a television show rooted in my favorite part of internet culture felt like …

WA #23- Are You Scared Yet?

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WA #23- Are You Scared Yet?
Weird Appalachia

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Weird Appalachia Episode 23 – Are You Scared Yet? What happens when a horror junkie and a peace-loving yogi get together to talk about horror films? Episode 23 of Weird Appalachia is what happens. This week Erin and Special guest Chris “Wisey” Wisecup are unpacking years of favorites and laughable attempts in the horror genre. Potential NSFW content, spoilers, and disturbing …