What we know about the newest halo game, Halo:INFINITE

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The Newest Halo Game, Halo:Infinite This E3 was exciting introducing┬áthe newest halo game! The most intriguing to me personally was the new “Slipspace” engine that 343 brought us. This halo game wasn’t a game yet, we do know about the plot and style, however. This installment of the Halo series has received a ton of hype already, the game has …

Apollo 13

Apollo 13 and The Amazing Computers NASA Used.

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Apollo 13 happened April 11th, 1970. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 37 years ago since Apollo 13. I wasn’t even a thought in anyone’s┬áhead! I love old technology, and the technology NASA had back in the 1970s isn’t something that a normal person got to use. Personal computers didn’t really even become affordable until the 1980s!!! Apollo 13 …