The Division Storyline/Details Fall of New York


The Division is a third-person shooter that puts you in and boots of an advanced soldier tasked with saving New York from a post-apocalyptic, anarchy filled world. What caused it to fall was a disease attached to money on black Friday. You along with a group of three friends will carry out missions along New York to help survivors from the three factions, Cleaners, Rioters, Rikers, and worst of all the Last Man Battalion.

Enemies of New York

The cleaners are a group that goes around the city burning everything they think might be contaminated money, people, and buildings. Rioters roam the city killing everyone they see to take their food/water for their own good. Rikers are a large group of convicts that took advantage of the falling of the city to commit more crime and murder. The Last Man Batallion Is a group of ex-military agents gone rogue and just set up bases around the city and are highly trained, extremely equipped and dangerous group. The enemies progressively get harder and harder as the game goes on. The weapons system is extensive, highly customizable from a DMR to your standard M4 variant. Every single weapon has at least 3 attachments you can add to the gun and is one of the things I love about this game so much.


Why you are there

You are with the JTF you must roam the city cleaning up these groups to help the people of NY survive, you are a highly trained agent that the government has kept off the books until you are “activated” then you must just drop your life for the good of the people. You are tasked with retrieving medicine, food, and water for the people you save, you will also set up a base of operations to refuge the good people left in NY.