The Fight for the Right to Buy

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Should we really fight for $15?

Over the weekend, I enjoyed the company of a few family members I hadn’t gotten to spend time with for quite a while. As with many of my family’s gatherings, we relaxed over a “cutthroat” game of Spades and discussed current events. Unlike often times I found myself in the company of more of my conservative family than usual.
I am usually able to hold my own with the conservatives of my group.

However, on this occasion, I was caught quite off guard. My own brother, who mind you is 11 months younger than I, let the words “the minimum wage shouldn’t be raised one cent” escape his lips. I was dumbfounded, stricken with the thought “how can someone raised just like me be so different?”

I waved off the comment and began to ponder how best to explain to him, the many why’s he had been fed (I use the word fed because that is exactly what it is. The forced gastric intake of complete crap) the wrong information.
I began by explaining, no matter what he has been told, the price of goods does not raise with the raising of the minimum wage.

I went on to explain, people of our country have forgotten that the consumer controls the power. The example I gave was, imagine if a certain well-loved round buttery cracker (which we shall leave nameless) decided to raise its prices to seven dollars a box due to the rise in minimum wage, would he still buy them? To which he replied, “I won’t pay $7 for a box of crackers.”

“You make my point”, I said.
“Companies will only continue to raise prices as far as they are allowed to. At some point, consumers will find an alternative product. This will force the company under. These companies may have to take a smaller profit but they will not give it up.”

We have forgotten, WE HAVE THE POWER! Raise the minimum wage and watch the economy grow again.

What do you think?