The Greatest 90’s Console Bracket Challenge – Round 2

This bracket challenge has been great!

Thanks for all the support and voting on this awesome bracket challenge! Be sure to share and follow on Twitter and also on Facebook. I know for one I cannot get enough brackets around this time.

I can’t believe how close it was at first for the N64 and the PS1. The N64 had a huge lead then the PS1 made an amazing comeback!

I honestly thought that the GameBoy Color would’ve done better, I should’ve just said Gameboy cause everyone I knew growing up either had or wanted a Gameboy more so than a console cause you would take it anywhere.

So here we are with our 90’s greatest bracket challenge on ROUND 2.

The NES already had an “upset” taking over the awesome portable Gameboy Color. Will it take down the Super Nintendo Giant!?  In the end we all probably want the SNES and Sega Genesis to compete but I believe the Playstation will have something to say about that.

Vote are who wins to move on we will be doing another podcast over the winners and another special 90’s edition!

If you missed our podcast/livestream about the 90’s bracket challenge and general 90’s culture you can watch it on youtube or podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and even on the Website!


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Game 1

Round 2 Game 1 – #1 SNES vs #3 NES free polls

Game 2

Round 2 Game 2 – #1 Sega Genesis vs #2 Sony PlayStation 1 free polls