What we know about the newest halo game, Halo:INFINITE

The Newest Halo Game, Halo:Infinite

This E3 was exciting introducing¬†the newest halo game! The most intriguing to me personally was the new “Slipspace” engine that 343 brought us. This halo game wasn’t a game yet, we do know about the plot and style, however. This installment of the Halo series has received a ton of hype already, the game has blown up basically. The massive community that is the Halo community is all looking for 343 to breathe new life into the series after last year with Halo 5: Guardians falling short of what we love from a Halo game.

the newest halo game

Halo ring Installation 07

Cortana is the main enemy, after everything we had fought through with her voice in Master Chiefs head she is now leading the covenant. The Flood is also on Installation 07 which has several grave minds underneath it. This announcement trailer had a lot of hidden info that the avid Halo fan could only uncover. For example, there is a scene in the trailer where it shows words on walls which is written in an actual language that 343/Bungie created! This writing reads “The Enemy Within” Which was written by the first humans on the ring. This along with insider info confirms the flood being on this ring.


the newest halo game

Back to classics! This installment will be in the classic and beautiful art style that is the original 3 halos, the question is will 343 go back to basics and give us that no armor abilities or sprint smooth Halo 3 gameplay? or will they keep their own view of the Spartan? We do not know much about this game but the community for it has exploded and is ridiculously hyped if 343 does this correctly Halo will have fresh life brought into it. This installment will be the first since Halo 1/2 to be on PC however, this one will involve cross-platform! Which is amazing, and a great idea, this would bring the Halo community together as a whole!