Get excited with me with new video games trailer early 2017!

Lots of awesome videos and trailers dropped today of all does for some reason!

Here are a few of the great ones that I enjoyed and I’m going to talk about

First like start off with the Final Fantasy 30 Anniversary Trailer.

Holy COW was that awesome. I got chills watching this video! I’m 30 years old and I’ve played every single one of these. I’m a huge fan of the classics such as Final Fantasy IV and VI. Final Fantasy 7 and 10 rank up there as well, although there is nothing like the original. Looks like Final Fantasy XV has brought the franchise back on the right path. I do miss that turn based combat.

Quake Champions Offical Blood Covenant Arena Trailer

I love me some Quake action, its fast paced, it gory, and it takes loads of skill to aim fast and accurate. I was a little let down by this trailer, to be honest, it’s not shot in 60 fps so it’s hard to tell the fluidity of the game. I was hoping to hear some old Quake III sounds in it but I couldn’t make much out of it. I 100% joined up for the Closed BETA, which I will be streaming Live!

Quake Champions Offical Nyx Trailer

ID Software wasn’t done releasing just one trailer but another one. You can tell a bit more from this I think. Looks like characters have special skills now? Seems like they are stealing notes from other games made by Activision like Call of Duty and Overwatch. Ahhhhh, please don’t be a rip off Quake you are the ORIGINAL BAD TO THE BONE SHOOTER!

Injustice 2 Official Shattered Alliance Part: 2 Trailer

DC doesn’t do a lot right. But when they hit it, they hit it good. The First Injustice was sheer awesomeness. It was fantastic that they joined up with Netherrealms (Mortal Kombat) and truly brought another fighting game behemoth into play. This trailer shows everything you need to know to get hooked! I cannot wait to pick up this game! The story line looks fantastic. Anyone want a piece of “The Flash” you add me on PlayStation TrogdorISmango. I’ll be waiting online to see if you can catch up.

The featured photo is a logo I’ve been working on, it’s not that great I’ll probably be paying someone shortly to make a better one but for now, it will do.

As always comment down below! Tell me which one you liked the best.

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