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Website Update and News February 2019

February 2019  will be bringing lots of more focus and attention to the direction of the website as well as many other things. (Podcasts, YouTube Channel.)

I’ve been trying to write down ideas for months trying to kind of grasp a direct focus. If anything there hasn’t been a focus here the whole time I’ve been blogging.

Finally decided to try to pick a few topics to stick too whenever I do blog and I reckon I’ve finally found out what I truly want to make this place.

All the older posts will remain the same but everything needs a direction or something to write about.


Instead of jumping around all over the place writing just about anything I want its time to get some focus. While I’m sure I’ll still touch on some topics that arise in the gaming news scene. I’ve decided to just completely stop talking about Battle Royale games.

No more Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, and etc. Will be written about here again.

Honestly, there is just way too many people making content for those type of games, and I kind of hate them anyways. I’m not interested in investing my time to be “good” at these games anymore anyways. So no more Battle Royale games.

This will also be introduced on the Full Tech Podcast, and SmangoTV.

Steam Reviews will continue going forward with writing STEAM game reviews. I want to focus more on PC Gaming in general as well, but more of the indie and less popular games. I know there are tons of other websites people can visit for some reviews but I do want to focus more on creating Steam game reviews.

EA Origin Games

Sticking with the PC Gaming world I’m wanting to bring WAY more EA content to the website. Games such as Battle Field will become an ongoing topic here as well as many others. I, however, will not be covering APEX LEGENDS. People can go elsewhere for that content as I’m not interested in creating anything for it.

Nintendo Switch

On SmangoTV (Official YouTube for KN) I will be focusing more on Nintendo Switch content! That also means I will probably be blogging about it too, so stick around if you are a Nintendo Fan!

YouTube Channel

I don’t think I’ll be putting Full Tech Youtube videos up anymore on it, it seems to not be doing well at all. I think I’ll have to re-create a brand just for FT again. If it about PC Gaming hardware and Nintendo Switch or Nintendo stuff that will now be the focus going forward. Possibly still Vlogging about nonsense sometimes. I want to keep up the review system I like and love to do.

Full Tech Podcast

The Full Tech Podcast will also be getting more of a focus. Which will keep the trend of Steam and EA Origin Games discussion or PC Gaming.

I also plan on re-doing the artwork to capture this possibly for more clicks. Something that shows it’s about Tech and PC Gaming is what I’m going to be aiming for.

Also, I’m going to start talking more about helpdesk situations I’ve been in and funny stories each podcast probably at the beginning before talking about a certain PC or Nintendo Switch game.

I really want to capture it about PC gaming in general alongside the Nintendo Switch which is the overall goal of the website I think going forward.

What will no longer be a focus

  • Twitch or Streaming
  • Retro Games – but Collecting and Retro Hardware will still be a topic sometimes.
  • Quake Champions – (have a full website just for that
  • Destiny 2
  • Sports
  • Comics

KN has gone through a lot of changes and talked about many topics but all of these will no longer exist here and barely did to begin with.


If you enjoy talking about PC Gaming and Nintendo Switch games with reviews and discussions that you need to stick around plenty of content coming up in 2019!

Be sure to follow me on twitter my main social platform – @realkynerd

Also, you can anyways check out Smango’s Corner for all my recommended hardware and more about me and what games I love. The Page will be ongoing and always updating.