What is KentuckyNerd.com?

What is Kentuckynerd.com


Kentuckynerd  or KN is officially now a Podcasting Network. Along side reviews of tech, video games, and streaming.

KN strives to be a family-friendly community. We know most of us are adults so adult language is allowed on our video game streams and Voice Chat.

However, when we are doing the official Podcast adult language may not be used at any time. We are trying our best to reach a family-friendly environment and sponsors from our hometown and various places in Kentucky.



Our discord has become very popular for the PC Game Destiny 2.

We love Destiny 2 at KN and want everyone to enjoy it but that is not the only game we play around here.

We have a new gaming master that goes by the name RX-The Judge which is supplying us with many, many game servers out of his own pocket. Is a great Raid leader and brings l33t skills to all video games he may play.

With his apprentice Sgt. Risner for Recruiting and Management we are going to make the best events and stuff we can for the community/clan at all times.

Introducing the new leveling system, many people have noticed the annoying bot Mee6. I have turned off all the @everyone whenever we decide to go live on our KN twitch channel so that should be less annoying. I have set the bot to send you a whisper whenever you gain a level.

Once you reach a certain level you will be rewarded with a new role which gives you the ability to help our community even more.

We also have a bot that does monitor chat and does not allow profanity unless it is in the #spicy-channel

People enter that at their own risk and are warned before entering lots of Dank memes



John (Smango KN)(AKA Kentuckynerd) Is the Owner of the website/discord. All final decisions on problems if there is one that needs to be solved, will make the final call.

2nd In Command is Codo (AKA Politicalnerd) – Christopher is the master of the political world and will see fit that it stays civil as possible. He is out and about gaining sponsors so sometimes he is limited on discord but we are working on getting him a newer machine.

High Ranking Officers Or 3rd in Command – RX-The Judge and Sgt. Risner. We do have other Master and Commands but the main leaders in that group are Judge and Risner.

If you are interested in becoming a higher ranking officer or want to become an author on the website please let me know. We will do what we can and see if we can make you a good fit in our community.


I hope everyone is having a good time with fellow members on KN as much as I am enjoying seeing us grow!