What’s the best champion in quake champions?

Best Champion in quake Champions

So what is the best champion on quake champions?

The question you might have asked yourself or had someone ask is what is the best champion in quake champions?

If you are having friends and family joining in on the gib fest, they might not understand right off the bat that this question is totally up to how they want to play the game.

All champions vary and adapt to different play styles, as they all move differently, have different abilities, and also different max health and armor points.

Medium Champions are a good start.

If you are coming from Quake III the easiest to get accustomed to is going to be Visor. This is because he moves just like everyone does in Quake III and even includes the strafe jump. All “medium” class characters are probably the easiest for someone to adapt too. When I say medium this means they have medium HP and Armor and also speed. 

Whenever I play Quake Champions, I’m normally playing as Visor or Galena. They both do play different but they are in the medium “Champions” range so I try to stick with them because they better suit my play style more so than any other champions available. 

Best Champion in Quake Champions

So to answer the question, there is no best champion in quake champions its based on how you play.

Let’s break down all the champions and find out what the best champion in quake champions is for you!

Below, we will go through each character and ability and what they bring to each fight you might have in quake champions. That way we can discover the real best champion in quake champions for you!


best champion in quake champions

Ranger could quite possibly be the best champion in quake champions. Whenever the game goes free to play he is the champion that everyone will have completely free.

Starting with 125 HP, 25 Armor with a Cap of 100 and a Speed 310. He is a great medium and starting character, to be honest. He has a great ability which is called Dire Orb and you can use it to TELEFRAG people which is awesome if you’ve never done it. (Most modern games wouldn’t allow telefragging.)

His passive ability makes him a great character to use the legendary rocket jump. A rocket jump is great whenever you need to reach a certain spot in the game really quick and the only way to get there is to rocket jump to catch your opponents off guard.

Ranger is a champion I would call the “Mario” of the series he is just well balanced all around.


best champion in quake champions

Scalebearer is what I would call a heavy champion. Could he be the best champion in quake champions? In my opinion not really, but he doesn’t fit my play style what so ever.

Starting off with 150 HP and 50  Armor. He is very tanky, but he moves really slow at first with 300 movement speed. His passive ability and active ability, make him move REALLY fast. Whenever Bear moves anything over 500 speed he does damage to anything he touches. So if he is moving a straight line he gains momentum and starts running super fast if you don’t turn quick.

I don’t like playing him but he is fun to try to charge into people and flattening them, or running around with the gauntlet.


best champion in quake champions

Easily my favorite champion in the game. But does that make him the best champion in quake champions? To me YES. I’m a railgun junky and I use to play Quake III a ton (I have a tattoo to prove it).

Visor’s active ability basically gives you “Wall Hacks” and allows you to see where all the enemies are at, so picking people off with the railgun gets even easier.

That isn’t it though, he gains speed whenever you use the strafe jump. I’ve been strafe jumping since I became a computer gamer so he just feels perfect to me.

With Higher HP 150 and a little lower armor 25/75 max but his 320 speed. Makes it easy to get around maps.

I normally grab Visor and try to get in spots quick to pick off my opponents from a distance with the railgun.

Want to get a grasp of Visor? Grab him and jump into a game of instagib and see how powerful it is to see your enemies through walls.


best champion in quake champions

Anarki was a favorite skin of mine back in the Quake III days for sure. In Quake Champions he is a little bit harder to use because of his movement is different. Very fast and hard to hit, he starts off with very little HP 75 Max, and 25/75 Armor. One nice right or rail at the start of the game, Anarki is good as dead.

His injection (active ability) makes him move faster and regain full HP. If you are set in stone on learning how to use Anarki you better practice movement with him because that is where he his strong point is going to come from. Being able to out mauver your opponents he is your best bet because he moves the same speed going in any direction.

Could Anarki be the best champion in quake champions? Well, he is 110% the hardest to hit with a rail.


best champion in quake champions

Now you see me, now you don’t sum up Nyx Pretty well.

Very quick champion but not super fast a medium character for sure. 100HP and 25/75 Armor he makes a great starting character for just about anyone. Her strong suits are for players who like to confuse their opponents and keep them guessing where she is at.

Ghostwalk is a great active ability and can be used in multiple situations. Almost a get out of free jail card expect if VISOR is using his ability she can escape just about anything. Her passive is ok it basically a double jump if you are next to a wall or ledge so that helps in some sticky situations but I think its one of the weaker passives. But, then again she can turn invisible.


best champion in quake champions

I hate fighting clutch. They never die with 3 rails, so you might as well try to melt their health away with a lightning gun or something. Clutch is a pure tank but can move faster whenever you double tap a direction. With 125 HP and 125/150 Armor, his plain ole movement speed along with his massive frame makes him a pretty easy target. But, he just never dies… easily at least. Whenever you fight a clutch up close you are going to know it. He even comes equipped with a BARRIER his active ability which he can turn into a laser.

Clutch is a great champion to get good with. He is almost a requirement in the dueling mode simply because he is so hard to kill.

He is not one of my favorites but I’m sure some people will think he is the best champion in quake champions.


best champion in quake champions

Galena is easily one of my favorites. Plenty HP 125 and Plenty Max Armor 25/100 she is a great medium-ish character.

You can use her Active ability as a trip mine and also a way to heal yourself!

She is fast enough to get places. I tend to play more passive with her because she can set traps, and get away and heal if you need too.

I highly recommend using her to start off with as her ability is easy to understand and movement is easy to get a grasp of quick. You can also support your teammates with your ability and heal them up if they need a little extra health. Probably the most “supportive” champion in the game.

With a name like Unholy Paladin you know they have to be good, almost good enough to be the best champion in quake champions.


best champion in quake champions

The Roller queen has a very weird movement/passive ability.

I can’t seem to get it down pat myself yet but she is very quick and dangerous in the right hands. With 100 HP and 25/75 HP, she isn’t very tanky but a little more than Anarki. If I’m not mistaken her and Anarki got a thing going on.

A good player with Slash and the Lightning gun it is insane to watch. You are instantly melted because of the speed she can produce with her crouch jump ability.

The active ability, in my opinion, isn’t very good, you can usually only kill people with it whenever they are completely caught off guard. You must move in the direction you want the trail to follow and it eventually explodes and damages opponents standing in it.

If you like emo/goth chicks you should give Slash a try.

B.J. Blazkowicz

best champion in quake champions

Yeap, the famous Wolfenstein player is in this game.

He has his ability to dual wield and his passive is to heal up 25 HP after a while.

I believe B.J. needs to be reworked, whenever he is dying he screams out very loud. It’s almost comical honestly, but to enemies you know he is at the brink of death so you usually go full out whenever you hear him scream. It is a bad giveaway and Bethesda really need to rework him.

Not a bad character to start with, but not a great character to invest a lot of time in.


best champion in quake champions

A pretty nice tank one of my favorites and pretty simple to use. Literally, you bunny hop around and spit acid on people with this champion.

Sorlag is also a female by the way. A tremendous champion to get around the map quick one of the best. Plenty health and armor she makes a fantastic champion. Also, a champion that is really simple to use.

Starting this game? Make the Brood Queen the best champion in quake champions.

Doom Slayer

Best Champion in Quake Champions

Why this champion is just called Doom Guy is beyond me because that’s exactly who it is. I’m not sure about that one but Doom Slayer has the medium armor and health values I like. Equipped with a cool passive… the Double Jump!

You can use his active ability to get away from danger. Or use it to run right into danger and punch it right in the mouth.

Over a pretty good champion, although his active ability seems a little buggy at times.


best champion in quake champions

Keel has an egg on because well Quake Champions has hats just like good ole Team Fortress 2. He is a pretty good Tanky Champion. He has slow movement and nothing really speed him up is his only downfall. Plenty of HP and Armor. His greatest thing is his active ability. He has extra grenades you can use whenever it is available, use them all at once or use them in certain situations.

Learning when to use his grenades and anticipating opponents is the only tricky part to this champion. Will that make him the best champion in quake champions?

Strogg & Peeker

best champion in quake champions

The latest champion edition since the time of this article. Strogg is another medium champion added to the collection.

His movements are slower than normal but his active ability “Peeker” lets him turn kind of invisible and you can shoot people by flying in the sky or run into them and explode usually killing opponents.

His passive is really cool as well, he can pick up vials off of dead champions and use them to regain health, but other Stroggs can as well so there is always a battle going on.

He needs to be reworked a little bit more to make him equal to the competition.

Let’s find out who is the best together!

Vote right here on who you think the best quake champion is!

Quake Champions Comic
Quake Champions Comic

Who is the best champion in quake champions?

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  • Galena (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Slash (0%, 0 Votes)
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  • Sorlag (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Doom Slayer (0%, 0 Votes)
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